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IN LOVE...with Michael Rosenbaum & Chris Sullivan

Alison Robertson (Enoughness) joins us to discuss her passion in helping other people as a confidence coach through personal development.

Alison shares her idea of “enoughness” in that everyone’s key to their own individual happiness has been with them the whole time. We discuss the differences between talents and passion, not getting stuck in the grass is greener mindset, and finding harmony instead of the impossible task of balance.

So much goodness on this week’s episode.

Outliers TV Podcast​

Personal Development coach and speaker, Alison Robertson, comes by the studio to remind us that we are enough.

Her new book “Enoughness” creates a simple yet powerful narrative about moving forward and navigating seamlessly through life.

If you are big on personal development or just looking for some amazing perspective…this is the podcast to hear!


Meet Alison Robertson of She Creates in Sherman Oaks

"Growing up in New Jersey in a multi-generational home, I was always surrounded by a colorful group of people. Fascinated by people and wanting to know what made them tick, this was an ideal environment for me. I knew from an early age that I had an innate ability to read people." 

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