Don't just sit there! Start planning.

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As someone with ambition and aspirations that wants to achieve success in this time of Global Pandemic, odds are good that even with the best of intentions and efforts, I still probably only end up accomplishing about half of what I say or wish I could accomplish.

And if I?m being honest, it?s probably closer to 10%, maybe 20% on a good day. If you?re anything like me, then you get how maddening this can be. I have found that if I want to achieve more, I am going to need to step up my goal setting game.

The brain is the strongest computer and our thoughts create our reality. I know it?s hard to see light at the end of the tunnel but if we don?t start imagining our lives the way we wish them to be what will be fuel for our subconscious will not be good for our mental health as we go on.

Now I?m not asking you to see the world as rainbows and butterflies, but what were you trying to accomplish pre-COVID-19? The possibility is still there to make it happen.

Here are my 5 steps to set goals and stay focused, even when the world feels like it?s jumped the track.

1/It?s okay to Figure it Out

Maybe you didn?t have a clear goal, to begin with, don? worry. Many of us have vague ideas about what we want to do in our lives, and even the vague ideas, when given the right amount of focus will start to become clear.

If you take a few minutes every day to plot and plan, those vague ideas will start to take shape. You will see what you need to move forward.

2/Be Specific with your Goal Setting

Once you?ve gotten past the ?vague? phase and are in full-on idea mode remember, the underlying idea of goal setting is that we tend to accomplish more when we are very specific about exactly what we want.

3/Don't get overwhelmed by the size of your goal.

Once you?ve set your intention to what you want, break down your goal into a series of smaller goals that can be accomplished on a daily basis. Remember, accomplishment stems from implementation, so even baby steps will get you there eventually.

?Don?t be afraid to be amazing.? ~Andy Offutt Irwin 

4/Patience. Patience. Patience.

Especially now.

Even before, working towards a goal took time, but that didn?t mean they were impossible to achieve. And they still aren?t.

Please give yourself a break, let yourself off the hook a little. I?d rather you have a week of doing nothing but self-care and dealing with what?s right in front of you than giving up or living in the space of discouragement.

When you are ready, if you put some effort every single day into your goal, even if it?s 15 minutes of planning or journaling, you will see results. Oftentimes when we take a step in the direction of our goal, our goal takes a step toward us. Watch for signals from your environment that offer clues to finding the path to your goal.

5/Think Outside the Box

I know there may be some steps you can?t take right now due to the current circumstance, but please don?t quit, don?t give up. Try looking at things from another angle.

This moment in time is going to force us all to think outside of the box and that might not be a bad thing.

Sometimes we will find answers in the most unusual places. Be open to your goal showing up in a form you might not expect.

And if you need a little extra push, reach out. I may have a few things to help take your Goal Setting next level.